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Pruning Techniques for Koalas

Koala Browsing Pruning Technique is performed by our experienced staff, which is a combination of four pruning styles where each Koala food tree is assessed and pruned to promote longevity and re-growth.

Purpose for Pruning

Pruning is a key part for the health and survival of your tree, plus the branches are recycled back to Koalas and other native Australian animals in capacity.

  • Improve air circulation
  • Improve the production of flowering and re-growth
  • Improve light distribution
  • Reduce the chance of disease and insect problems
  • For the free tree service it must fit Pruning Service Criteria page.

4 Styles of Pruning:

  1. Naturalistic: Soften the lines of the cut, opening up the plant structure creating windows of light and adding to the depth of the tree
  2. Thinning: Pruning every second to third branch. Aesthetic use will control the size, density and general maintenance of the plant.
  3. Selective: For unwanted branches such as those obstructing view or accessibility. Also prunes old and dead braches and unwanted regrowth.
  4. Crown Lifting: Pruning lower branches to add visibility and clearance.

The middle tree below is an example of Koala Browsing Pruning Technique, which was part of a 2-year trial.

pruning techniques-1

1. Above: (before Pruning) this tree is known as Eucalyptus amplifolia and this gum tree is a favourite of Koalas.

pruning techniques-2

2. Above (After Pruning). In principle we minimise the amount of branches taken. No more than 10 percent of the tree canopy. But this tree was part of our trial to see the effects of a heavy prune.

pruning techniques-3

3. 24 months later, the technique hasn’t affected the growth of the tree, and the tree has recovered well. Our aim here was to re-align the branches, either to train the branches to grow around objects or to fit into an urban context to grow amongst tall high-rise buildings and two storey houses in a small amount of space.