planting the future

About Koala Retreat

Koala Retreat is a business which values the status of our flora and fauna as an indication of how healthy our planet is, and in addition how the koala captivity management program helps us understand the value of koalas and their food source (the gum tree).

girl watering seedlingWith today’s increase in environmental awareness also comes responsibility to curb some of our human destruction and nurture our environment. Habitat destruction and fragmentation affects several species (including the koala) by dividing populations, removing food and shelter, and leaving existing populations more exposed to feral predators. Habitat enrichment from the planting of trees may provide a solution which can improve the environment by accomplishing wildlife corridors, decreasing erosion, reducing noise and recycling some of the CO2 which is leading to global warming.

The more trees and shrubs we plant the less pressure on our natural resources and by getting community, business, schools and council involvement we can improve social issues currently facing the community.

Koala Retreat would like to introduce our latest addition in the fight towards saving Australian flora and fauna, Koala Carbon Credits (KCC).

Koala Carbon Credits focus on two issues offsetting your emissions and maintain our koalas. Now with the onset of global warming it’s everybody’s moral obligation to combat CO2. KCC is linking plants, animals and humans, as trees are the lifeline of Koala survival and, funnily enough, human survival as well.

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