planting the future

Planting Date - 24 May 2009

Koala Retreat welcomed today members of Seventh Day Adventist church from Mt Druitt - an all girl crew and where are the boys? It looked at one stage that the rain will cause some discomfort towards the work ahead, but I think we had help from above because we were dry through out the day, with a little drizzle towards the end. Then the heavens opened up and watered the trees after we had finished. Perfect timing!

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Koala Retreat were so impressed with the girls’ efforts that we didn’t miss any male muscle and our main goal of the day was to create a long lasting impression at the Dragway. The ladies hard at work.
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Above is the team that worked so hard today from left Kring, Chairs, Esther, Kring, Leah, Angela, Merlyn, Lynn and at the far right Aida. Of course to ruin the picture at the bottom is Marcus. The finished product of a hard day at the Dragway, 23rd of May 2009