planting the future

Planting Date - 21 June 2009

Koala Retreat/Koala Carbon Credits Achievements

This is an up-date of Koala Retreat progress and commitment towards Cumberland Woodlands and Western Sydney International Dragway, and the Blacktown Council to show how our trees can work with current issues facing us today and provide food for koalas with the off-cuts from maintaining the trees while they grow.

22042009 1603
22nd of April 2006
Above is the entrance from the Spectator Gate (Gate 16) at the end of the Dragway, with a much harder ground.
31st of May 2009
Here is an example of the support we receive from the local community who come along and do their part for the council and the environment. Thank you Cent-a-Care Community Access Services (CAS) and a special thank you to Akira, Alex, Rebecca, Kathy, Mel and Vanessa.
28072006 1586
28th of School Tree Day July 2006 24 of May 2009
Thanks to the staff at the Dragway for maintaining the area. With good communication and coordinating our efforts together - good results will continue to happen.
24 of May 2009