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National Tree Day 2008

Happy National Tree Day, the day started with a brilliant morning filled with anticipation for a glorious day ahead. We planted along the front part of the new car park for Western Sydney International Dragway, in Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek. We expected a number of locals from the area as this is our third year 'opening our doors' for residents to help our koalas, and the environment by planting native trees at the Dragway.

These trees will not only be used as a back up food supply for koalas but also help the environment maintain stability, reduce noise and dust levels amongst the mounds, as well as create a habitat for native animals. The day also promotes community integration by meeting different social groups and helps us appreciate how diverse our community has become and assists to build long term relationships in the local area.

We had a bigger day than expected and so managed to finish just about the time that Blacktown Lions Club arrived. Whilst Mike, Ella, Frank and others started the BBQ, the rest of us collected the tools and packed up.

 National-Tree-Day-08-1 National-Tree-Day-08-2
We received a big hand from the Seventh Day Adventist church with a large group of families coming out to join us and help with planting koala food trees.  Everybody worked so hard and that we enjoyed relaxing awhile
National-Tree-Day-08-3 National-Tree-Day-08-4
Marcus gave a small presentation of the different types of Eucalyptus leaves koalas eat with the different aromas and textures from them and explained how koalas are very fussy eaters and enjoy as much variety in their food as humans. Special thanks to Mike, Ella and Frank from the Blacktown Lions Club, for putting on the BBQ this year. It was a great way to finish off the day.
National-Tree-Day-08-5 National-Tree-Day-08-6
Thanks to our sponsors Kennards Hire for making available the equipment and show bags filled with water bottles, hats and pencils and together with Sydney Wildlife Sydney Wildlife provided kids magazines and discounts vouchers. All in all thanks to everybody participating and specials thanks to Angela and Cameron Jones for their support making sure the day ran smoothly. The weather was great which made for a successful National Tree Day event for 2008.