planting the future

National Tree Day 2011

South Sydney St Peters Park

2011 National Tree Day had been a great success for all concerned. Koala Retreat enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the official Planet Ark site. This was our second year and we enjoyed the day by taking a leadership role with others making sure the day ran smoothly.

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On Sunday we had several groups throughout the day. Marcus from (KR) escorted the groups to the planting site and explained how to plant trees, shrubs and native ground covers in a way that grow together. Here Marcus from Koala Retreat is showing young Evie, an enthusiastic tree planter, the techniques required for the best results for welfare of the gum tree. Evie who’s just 6 years of age was full of excitement throughout the day and her first time at National Tree day and I hope not the last?
Koala Retreat likes to give a special thanks to Jodie Lewin Head Co-ordinator of National Tree day and the rest of the team at Planet Ark.