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Koala Retreat Media Releases

From time to time, we manage to get some much needed exposure in the various forms of media, we thought we would display a selection of these for you below.

What I have in common with Dr Karl
28th February 2016

Dr Karl’s presented Australia’s Future via “Challenge of Change” ( – it is clear that, without long-terms plans, as well as innovation in our current infrastructure, the industries of our future will be pretty bleak! Back in 2009 I had written a paper for ARAZPA (Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks & Aquaria) about this very thing...

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Specialist reveals that industry stagnation is killing koalas
14th January 2016

With over 25,000 signatures petitioning for the closing of Koala Park Sanctuary, Australia’s leading koala specialist believes that the issue is evident right across the industry. With Koala Park Sanctuary in West Pennant Hills pleading guilty to several cases of neglect before the RSPCA, the nation’s premier koala nutrition and behavioral specialist, Marcus Zorich, believes this is only one indicator of the struggles currently faced by Sydney’s koala industry....

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Koala Retreat in the Media

Planet Ark Commercial 2010

Koala Retreat was fortunate enough to be a part of the official Planet Ark commercial of the official site in Sydney Park, St Peter's 2010. Our thanks go out to all the staff at Planet Ark, but special thanks to Rebecca Gilling.

Let’s get physical

Media release  – 18 July 2006
Koala Tree Landscape has joined forces with Western Sydney International Dragway, Planet Ark and Kennards Hire to develop a Koala Tree Planting Program which covers all environmental and social issues for these valuable animals in the Western Sydney region.

Marcus Zorich from Koala Tree Landscape has been working to bring together big and small business to target the most important issues confronting our society, including the potential environmental disasters of Cumberland Plain woodlands, currently listed as an Endangered Ecological Community, and our wildlife, where koalas are listed as a threatened species in NSW.

Marcus is a former koala keeper and is now trying to develop a program to combine all these issues, to educate the community on the importance of our native fauna and flora

Marcus has been supplying Eucalyptus leaves to meet the dietary requirements of Koalas in captivity. Koalas are very fussy with their diet and even more so when in captivity and so it is necessary to cater to their different personalities. What they like one day they may dismiss the next.

Marcus says that it can be frustrating work finding different Eucalypt species in an effort to make certain that the Koalas are feeding contently on a regular basis. This means there are no breaks in the work; no holidays, not even Christmas Day.

"But I wouldn’t change my job for anything and to see the koalas enjoy their food makes you feel that your efforts are appreciated," stated Marcus.

Koala Tree Landscape is contracted by wildlife parks and animal sanctuaries to promote a koala breeding program and attempts to educate schools how they can be a part of the Koala Breeding Program, by explaining the relationship between Australian animals and Australian trees.

Tree Planting Days are Friday July 28, School Tree Day, and Sunday July 30, National Tree Day.

These will be held at Western Sydney International Dragway, from 9am to 1pm, at Lot 1, Ferrers Road, Blacktown. Thanks go to the sponsors Planet Ark, Western Sydney International Dragway who is donating the land, and water and Kennards Hire who provide all the gardening equipment.

Marcus Zorich
Site Co-ordinator

Saving Koalas is a real drag!

Media Release – 24 April 2006
Western Sydney International Dragway has joined forces with Koala Tree Landscape to plant Koala food trees as part of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day.

The Dragway has always been a strong supporter of the environment and by planting these native trees will assist programs aimed at breeding Koalas in captivity. Starting last Saturday, over 1500 native trees suitable for Koalas are to be planted throughout the year as part of the scheme.

"We are very excited to be involved in this program," said Dragway Manager David Cook. "We have been wanting to plant more native trees on the site, and hope to establish a woodland reserve in the future."

Planet Ark has insured several planting dates to the main Tree Day activities, including last Saturday’s efforts. This year's National Tree Day falls on Sunday 30 July, with Schools Tree Day taking place on Friday 28 July. Planet Ark is working with organisations such as Western Sydney International Dragway and Kennards Hire to create over 4,000 planting sites. Over 350,000 volunteers are expected Australia-wide.

"Koala Tree Landscape educates the local community about the importance of planting native trees," said site coordinator Marcus Zorich. "We would like the support of everyone and anyone interested in planting trees for Koalas – for more information visit our website The next Tree Day event to take place at Western Sydney International Dragway will be Saturday 17th June from 8am.

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