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Koala Dietary Specialists

Ripedcogs2Research indicates that quality of food is more important than quantity. This presents more opportunities for enhancing the animals’ wellbeing than just feeding a basic survival diet. For instance, exposing koalas to their less favourite tree species expands their palate, offers an enrichment program, and provides more interest in their feed.

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By providing constant variety in the koala’s diet, keepers can enhance the animal’s interest and activity with regard to their food.

Eucalyptus grows under all sorts of soil conditions – both rich and poor. Different soils give different leaf textures, which in turn changes the composition of the leaves.

Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys

Both these saplings are Tallowwood but from very different soil characteristic. The picture on the right is from a rich soil texture; the picture on the left is from a less rich soil texture. Notice the difference in colour. The one on your right has a much darker colouration. By pruning the same tree species but from different areas creates depth within the leaf collection.