planting the future

Kennards Support Day - 23 May 2009

Koala Retreat has started the year running with the support and sponsorship from Kennards Hire. We’re able to re-mulch the Trees, which will keep the ground moist and weed free and provide much needed nutrients to the clay base area of the Dragway.

The mulch over time will add top soil to the area and provide insects to settle and help aerate the compacted soil below, allowing the roots of the trees to establish.

The aim today is to move the large mulch pile from the back of the Dragway to the trees planted by Koala Retreat back in the 2006. It’s been a long time coming, but we got there!

Placing the mulch around close to the trees will help maintain weeds and also stop contractor’s sweeper snipping around the base of the trees. Mulching maybe a time consuming and labor intensives activity at the time, but in the long run this work will save constant lawn mowing and overall be more efficient with our time.

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Above are a couple of the guys from Girraween Kennards Hire (from left) Richie, Marcus (in the middle from Koala Retreat) and Simon. The boys are holding a couple of tube koala food trees. Scooping the mulch to place around the base of the trees.
This is in the back-straight of the Dragway where Koala Retreat is hoping to create a picnic area and develop a different atmosphere on Drag days!