planting the future


Improve your social responsibility

It’s a well-documented fact that economic growth is linked to social and environmental well-being, and that corporate social responsibility is a key issue for any organisation aiming for long-term sustainability.

Koala Retreat is looking to work with like-minded organisations to ‘plant’ the future here in Greater Western Sydney. Despite the revenue that koalas generate for zoos, wildlife parks and other institutions, the industry itself remains in a great deal of turmoil. With a lack of governance, leadership and education, the industry is quickly declining and, devastatingly, so are our koalas.

How you can help?

Koala Retreat is looking for is one major sponsor, and a number of secondary sponsors, to invest in a program designed specifically to educate both the industry and the community from the ground-up. Of primary importance is the issue of nutrition – the lack of education means that captive koalas are not only perishing from insufficient nutrients, but also displaying altered behavioural traits.

We are looking for partners who support our endeavour for high standards, and remain committed to completely re-educating the industry on safe, effective and nourishing koala nutrition.

Our project goals

Our project goals are two-fold.

Immediately, we want to develop and roll out an education program to all zoo and wildlife institutions (initially across Sydney and long-term across Australia) that is subsidised by the investment of our supporters.

Long-term, we want to develop a program that educates the community via the development of a koala sanctuary that shows, first-hand, just how engaging koalas are when fed in a manner that truly reflects their diet in the wild. Poor diet leads to lethargy ad behavioural issues – the public will be amazed to see the activity levels of these mammals when cared for!

Together, let’s change the fate of Australia’s koalas

Without action, our gorgeous koala will continue to decline. The industry needs help, and it needs it quickly. As a nutritional specialist I don't have the funding to do this on my own, but with your help, we can make a significant change. We can educate, support and nurture our koala keepers so they, in turn, can nurture our koalas.

Without you, I’m a single koala nutritionist. With your support, we can educate and transform an industry in need.

Before thinking about contacting me, understand this investment is a long term approach, (not a quick fix, so don’t expect a return on your investment in the short term. The type of investors I’m looking for have a healthy understanding of money. I like to see money nothing more than a transporter (a vehicle), to go from a planning stage, to a doing stage.

Please contact me to organise a time to chat. With social responsibility becoming an increasingly important factor in consumers' decisions regarding the companies they support, it will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

The first Proposal

Was delivered Late March 2015, for an application of Proposal at the Penrith Lakes - Read More.

The Second Proposal

Was delivered Earlier December 2015, for application of Proposal at the Science Park Luddenham - Read More

The Third Proposal

Hasn’t been fully Developed, as we haven’t had the opportunity to put forward an application, but Koala Retreat have started a number of visual designs drawings.