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Koala Facts

  1. Koala in Aboriginal term means "no drink".
  2. There are 3 main types of Koalas
    • Northern Koala coming from Queensland.
    • Intermediate Koalas coming from New South Wales.
    • Southern Koalas coming from Victoria.
  3. Koalas mainly eat Eucalyptus trees but can also survive on other plant species such as Australian shrubs, Paper Bark trees and different types of Pine trees.
  4. Koalas are herbivorous. There are two types of herbivores - foregut fermenters and hindgut fermenters. Koalas are hindgut fermenters because they digest their leaves after the gut with the help of the Koala’s long caecum. Koalas have the longest caecum in the world for their body size.

  5. Koala’s feet, have a built in hair comb. The second and third toes are fused together to help with grooming. Koala’s hands have two thumbs helping them grasp branches most effectively.

  6. Baby Koalas are known as joeys. Joeys need to eat mum’s special poo (known as pap) to help digest gum leaves in their early stages of life.

  7. Mum has an upside down pouch. If she is not happy then out you go. Mums can have twins but it’s rare.
  8. Koalas are aggressive, more so in the wild than in captivity.
  9. Koalas can jump, run and swim.

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  10. Koalas nearest relative is the Wombat

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