planting the future

Schools’ Information Package

We visit you

Koala Retreat (KR) will come to any school wanting to learn about the importance of trees and their relationship with koalas.

KR organises a day filled with information about koalas and their diet. This includes a show explaining the animals’ preference for certain gum leaves and looking at basic functions of the koala digestive system.

1. Koala Retreat firstly comes to visit the school, organises an area to plant the trees and prepares the site.

2. Our friendly staff prepare the site before Presentation.

3. On Presentation Day, KR presents an educational show. The Koala Chief makes an appearance before going out to plant the koala food trees with the students.

4. Prices are listed in every information kit, sent out by email.


Come to the Dragway

Schools are invited to come to and spend time at the Dragway. Here students can plant trees and learn about Koala Carbon Credits. There is time to walk around the Dragway to see how it is set up and explore the history and development of Western Sydney International Dragway.

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