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Tree Planting Services and Prices

Koala Retreat will come out to you and assess your property and recommend the best type of Eucalyptus tree species best suits your area. Depending on the layout of the property, and the style of planting to be carried out, will dictate the number of trees that are able to be planted.

In a plantation style of planting, we work on a rough estimate of 1000 trees per acre, obviously if we are planting in a naturalistic style, or a just a few rows, the density is less etc.

Koala Retreat can set out a naturalistic tree planting design where the benefits are as follows’

  • Increase Property Value  
  • Increasing Privacy by trees
  • Reduce Wind, and Noise levels
  • Reduce soil salinity
  • Increase Aesthetic values
  • Re-introduce native wildlife and birdlife


Trees - We Plant


Than once the tree’s are mature enough, Koala Retreat could return to prune and maintain your trees for free, and use the off-cuts as food for koalas.

40 trees + planting $17.70 ea
41–80 trees + planting $16.70 ea
81–120 trees + planting $15.70 ea
121–500 trees + planting $14.70 ea
501–600 trees + planting $13.70 ea
601–700 trees + planting $12.70 ea
701–800 trees + planting $11.70 ea
801–900 trees + planting $10.70 ea
901–1000 trees + planting $9.70 ea
1000+ trees + planting $8.70 ea
Trees Only - You Plant
40 trees only $140 a tray
41–499 trees only $3.25 ea
500–999 trees only $3.00 ea
1000+ trees only $2.50 ea