planting the future

How Can You Help and Benefit

For people who enjoy doing something for koalas and native wildlife, there is an opportunity to help… if you have property with existing Eucalyptus trees. You would be able to support a Koala and other native animal-breeding program by allowing Koala Retreat access to your property to prune your small trees and saplings.

Koala Retreat prunes using a naturalist method, called Koala Browsing Technique. This technique combines four styles of pruning (see Pruning Techniques for Koalas). Every Eucalyptus tree species reacts differently, depending on environment, health, and age. In the right condition our pruning methods won’t affect the tree’s performance but will improve the effectiveness of your trees. It will also develop into a stronger and healthier tree for many years to come. 

Koala Retreat can set out a naturalistic tree planting design which the benefits are as follows’

  • Increasing the value of their property
  • Increasing Privacy by trees
  • Reduce Wind, and Noise levels
  • Reduce soil salinity
  • Increase Aesthetic values
  • Re-introduce native wildlife and birdlife