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How Can We Help? - Sponsorship

One of the primary ways you can help, is by a sponsorship program, we already have a number of successful sponsorship programs underway, but we would love to see more.

The type of sponsorship that Koala Retreat is looking for is real commitment to the environment by getting involved with the Tree Planting program… including staff day out!  We also need your help to promote World Environment Day, School Tree Day and National Tree Day.

Sponsors have a wide range of involvement as either a part of our koala tree planting program, or in helping plan for the future. By providing your business expertise to help publicise Koala Retreat and our tree planting program, you can help to promote our environment and ways to introduce our native wildlife back to the environment and help to restore and maintain biodiversity for many years to come.

Sponsorship rewards can include your logos on Koala Retreat uniforms, web-links, website and business letters, pamphlets and we will be able to promote your support on Tree Planting Days and other events.

If you would like to get more information about sponsorship, please contact us.

Current sponsors