planting the future

Friday 7th August Darcy Road Primary School

Today Koala Retreat (KR) has been invited to explain the dietary regime of the koala at Darcy Road Primary School in Parramatta. Marcus from KR had five classes and explained that Koalas eat different varieties of Gum leaves just as we eat different varieties of fruit. Koalas are no different when it comes to choosing their favourite type of gum leaf, like having your favourite fruit.

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Thanks to the students at Darcy Road Public School, who worked hard planting the trees along the fence line of the school. The whole school got involved planting trees and shrubs around the school, while Harry, the Principal was taking the photos. Danica, the Environmental Education Officer, from the Parramatta City Council co-ordinated the event. Koala Retreat would like to thank both Harry, the Principal of Darcy Road Public School, and Danica from Parramatta City Council for allowing KR to educate the students on the importance of their trees and the roles trees have to the local community, and the wider community and the benefits to our wildlife in particular the Koala and other native wildlife living in the local area.
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Trees are very important and they can play different roles for our native animals, the environment and your own area, at Darcy Road Primary School, planted koala food Trees, which are seeded from the local area and will play a direct role by providing shade and have a screening affect from the neighbours and will also reduce noise levels.