planting the future

Creating a sustainable future

By proper planning involving the community as a whole, we have found that every aspect of the community wins; this ambitious task has already been developed and put into operation by Koala Retreat at the Western Sydney International Dragway located at Eastern Creek in Western Sydney.

Our initial pilot program was developed though our KR Environmental Wheel.

kr environmental wheel


The KR Environmental Wheel tree planting projects aims to support more than just koalas and native wildlife, but also plan with property owners with acreage ways to embrace the advantages the support Koala Retreat can give them.

  • Increasing the value of their property
  • Increasing privacy by trees
  • Reduced wind and noise levels
  • Reduce soil salinity
  • Increase Aesthetic values

Councils could get businesses involved by offsetting carbon emissions that they produce with the involvement of KR Environmental Wheel. This would also support koalas in captivity, and with long term planning could develop a program whereby koalas in the wild would also receive the same support.