planting the future

ARAZPA Conference 2009

Koala Retreat Submitted and presented a paper to the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria Conference (ARAZPA) at Sea World, on the Gold Coast March 2009, with the theme of the conference “Are We Ready for XYZ Generations?”

Koala Retreat is based in Sydney and we are committed to covering all aspects of our modem day issues and concerns to our native flora and fauna, but understanding the different approaches within our own sectors of the Koala Industry. So with this in mind, we are attempting to go back to basic’s and develop a unique approach that invites different communities and industries to be involved at some level and create an overview model. So that very section, every step we take of our development there’s a win-win situation.

Starting from the experience of simply planting a tree right through to developing a new industry within the Koala Industry, that would have long term benefits for our native biodiversity, Mankinds leisure and education, the three levels of government involvemed and Australian Tourism.

This is Koala Retreat Blue Print for the future growth of our koala Industry and since then we constantly review and modify our program, but still maintain our cord primary issues that’s mention on our Home page.

Koala Retreat “Are We Ready to Reinvent the Way We Think about our Koala Industry”