planting the future

About Koala Conservation Management

Koala Retreat is creating a business like structure to support koala’s both in the wild, and in captivity by;

  • Giving them ongoing support and creating new food source
  • Protect and reduce the risk of diseases
  • Prevent inter-breeding which weakens their gene pool
  • The ability to survive severe weather conditions
  • Educating the local community on Koala awareness.

Here at Koala Retreat we believe that with proper planning and infrastructure, we could provide a more positive future for Koalas where we use Captive Management practices and apply this to the Conservation of Koala’s in the wild.

With today’s busy life style, and urban development, the koala is being push into extinction. Roads create death traps, dogs become predators, humans unwillingly reduce the freedom of the koala’s behavior and with climate change, and this all adds up to unnecessary pressure which causes higher stress levels attacking the koala’s immune system.

What Koala Retreat is all about is giving our wild population the tools to survive into the 21st Century. 

We aim to improve this by:

  • Using sustainable Australian natural resources
  • Understanding koalas’ relationship with Eucalypts
  • Taking advantage of the animal’s natural appeal within the local and overseas tourist community.
  • Create the similar business structure for Koala’s in captivity for Koala’s in Conversation
  • Create Employment
  • Education about Koala Conservation